We provide a detailed report on the damages due to the claimed event to your insurance company. 

Your insurance company reviews the documentation and makes a claim determination.


The scope of works outlines the approved repairs to be completed. Please review the scope of works and sign the last page of the document and return it to the address provided.

Should you consider items have been excluded from the scope of works please note the items on the signed scope works when returning to Insurance Claims Group. These additional items can be discussed with your claim manager and if they are determined to be covered under your policy we will provide your insurance company with a variation to have these works included.

Depending on the nature of the claim, complexities associated, and circumstances outside of our control, a claim can go over the expected timeline from time to time. If your claim is taking longer than expected, notify your claim handler so that they can provide an update along with any details that have contributed to the status and timeframe.

We understand that our clients may not wish to proceed with the repairs, or that they may wish to use a builder that isn't recommended through us. When this is the case, we put forward our recommendations along with the options available to you.

Once you have returned your signed scope of works and building contract (if applicable), and paid your excess, a Building Supervisor will be allocated to your job to commence the works. The Building Supervisor will be able to provide you with accurate repair timeframes and advise what trades will be attending site.

Your Building Supervisor can be contacted directly to discuss the works. If you have misplaced the contact details please call the office on 1800 252 467. Please have your job reference number to assist us in accessing your claim details. 

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